Here's the surprising reason 95% of traders lose... why trading is so hard… and how to win.

   Trading is the only business where you have to make virtually split second decisions immediately after taking a loss! (or after a big winner)

   So, unless you are blessed with the internal steel guts of a world class boxer who can take a shot to the liver and still counter punch the Right way, you are in for trouble. As you know, trading the hard right edge of the screen is very hard.

   And... you also know this:

   Most of us humans make our WORST decisions when... we are emotionally upset.

   Yet trading requires making decisions. Constantly. One after another. requires losses. Frequently - at least 1 out of 4 trades will gut punch you!

   So, how can you possibly make smart, clear decision... how can you possibly follow your rules when you are under the influence of strong negative emotions? you can't.

   And that why 95% of intraday traders lose.

    So you want the answer? Don't take losing personally. Don't give a hoot. Set your stops, follow your method, and if you know your method and it's a good one, you'll win. Consistently.

   But, as you know, this is virtually impossible to do. Because you will take your losses personally. You will start to curse yourself, or the market, or everything!

   Because there's a subconscious program that forces you to to take losses personally, and then to fight back, to get revenge, to get your money back... to get your self esteem back.

    How To Delete The Subconcious Programs That Make Your Break Your Rules

   After 30 + years of private consulting practice with clients, I have developed a method designed to delete the subconscious programs and the negative emotions that take control of your trading. 

    If you are serious about saving/dramatically improving your trading, I am happy to show you
how I can likely help you.

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