Did you know the three secrets that master traders and Michael Jordan have in common?

   It's surprising, but true. Peak performers in completely different areas share more similarities than differences.

Secret 1:

   Michael Jordan - and the world's greatest traders - picture them performing their best in their mind.

   They see themselves winning, they hear themselves winning, and they feel themselves winning - no matter how hard things are and no matter how large the obstacles in their way seem.

   But "wait!" you may be saying. "If I picture myself winning, how will I maintain control - and won't I override my stop?"

Which leads to secret 2:

    Discipline: setting the rules and following them - no matter what!

   Did you know Michael Jordan worked as hard during practice as he did during actual games?

   The same practices that most all players hate with a passion used to get Michael pumped up... psyched up... and excited.

   He actually enjoyed the discipline of preparation, because he connected the "pain of practice" with the pleasure of winning.

   Despite what most people think, discipline can be fun - if you know how.

Secret number 3:

   Mastery of your emotions, during "clinch" time... under the pressure to perform... even when others are folding and fading - fast.

   But not Michael Jordan.

   The more the pressure, the calmer he became. "Things used to slow down for me." And he saw the next play evolving in slow motion.

   Think about how easy trading would be for you if when a trade starts to sour you automatically became calm, peaceful, and focused.

   Able to see what you wanted...able to think clearly...able to respond with intelligence and wisdom.

In other words, with emotions out of the picture.

    That's what peak performance trading is all about.

    Master your trading psychology and discover how you can extract far greater profit... in far greater peace during all market condition.

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