Which of these trading mistakes are robbing you of the profits you rightfully deserve

   Do you know why you should never, ever speak with your broker immediately after a losing trade has closed out? (It can ruin your psychology for the next trade!)

   And after a winning trade, do you know the one person you should never tell about your trade? (It's not your broker... It's not your trading partner... The answer will surprise you.)

   Do you know the simple 5 minute mental secret that virtually all master traders use -- before they enter any trade -- no matter how large a position they will buy (or sell) -- no matter how small?

   Here are more account-draining mistakes so many of us traders make... Without even knowing it:

   When you're in the middle of the trade, there is one deadly mistake you must never, ever commit - if you want to become (or remain) a profitable trader. (This can be "fixed", usually in under a few hours.)

   Here's another, almost unheard of insider secret:

   Your tone of voice - after either a losing or a winning trade - can predict whether you will consistently win, year after year...Or are destined to ride the emotional roller coaster that so many traders seem unable to jump off.

   This is so powerful of an "indicator" that I can tell, with laser like precision, how profitable a trader is by listening to their natural voice after a trader closes out.

Here's another key question:

   Do you know the secret of how to maintain calm, peace, poise - whether you trade is winning...Chopping around...Or losing?

    Please let me explain a bit more: as you may have realized, when you trade the markets, you're not only up against the best and the brightest on Wall Street or in Chicago.

You are also up against the most powerful ally...Or the most fearsome foe you will ever face: your inner self.

  In other words, mastering trader psychology is the answer to your struggles.

   Want proof? Just look around at your trader friends.

   Many of us know traders who have trouble "pulling the trigger."

   Other traders have "discipline issues". Some seem to continually self-sabotage, dooming them to inconsistent - and ruinous - results.

    And others seem to evaluate their own self-worth based on whether or not they've on a winning streak or a losing streak. (Again, dooming themselves to disaster in the markets, because trading requires a "steady hand" and a clear mind - which don't co-exist with poor self esteem!)

   This can ruin not only their financial life...But their personal and family life. It can even ruin their health.

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